How can kids find success through coding?

Posted by Cybersquare on Jun 29, 2021 3:19:34 PM

“Coding for Kids”, while hearing this, most of us feel strange. "How can a small kid grasp complex concepts? Why do we need to give so much mental pressure to them at this very young age? Let them play, they are not for it", these are the thoughts in most of the parent's minds going on. But hardly saying coding for kids should not compare with software professional coding manners. Yes, kids can create websites, they can become game developers, they can create apps too. But they are going to deal with the programming side in a more fun and playful manner. They are going to approach coding in a problem-solving way. They are getting a problem, and they are thinking about the solutions to get the perfect output. By practicing coding at an early age, kids can improve: 


  • Brain development
  • Concentration
  • logical thinking
  • Self-confidence
  • Better retention & recall


Kids need to spend one hour daily on coding which will be the perfect manure for their coding journey. They will be skillful coders in the future.

What do kids need to do to improve their coding skills?


First, they have to prepare a plan, they should choose their area. They should learn it thoroughly and create plans to implement what they learned. They must have a goal and an eye on the future. They are eager to learn new things. Parents should make them realize they need to have a great understanding that the thing they’ve learned is going to pay some sort of dividend when all is said and done. Learning new concepts might not be that easy at first but once you get in touch with them you will get used to them and start enjoying them. Ready to show a welcoming approach to the new skill and take it as a challenge and conquer it. Make all impossible things possible. Dream high and jump at the two facts ahead. Enjoy the small victories along the way.


Coding for Kids: the collection of opportunities

Coding for kids is a fun-filled and gamified opportunity for them to get involved in coding. Cyber Square coding for kids program mainly aims to provide opportunities for young brains to conquer the complex seeming to be impossible. Cyber Square is ready to prove that coding is not a scary thing and even kids can learn it easily. Start with goal setting, know the benefits of coding, continuous study, choose the right language, start your coding journey.

With that, Learn about how to teach kids coding by courses that are intuitive, fun, and gamified through the various topics:


What are the benefits of learning coding at Cyber Square?

  • Fun and Satisfying

The course provided by Cyber Square is so helpful for kids to understand the basic coding concepts and to make their creations come true by connecting them. It is highly visual, interactive, and fun. The main goal of Cyber Square is to create an engaging platform that provides exciting activities so kids can understand the coding concepts thoroughly and they can perform them on their own. The fun-filled courses at Cyber Square enable kids to learn without frustrations. They are providing an opportunity to expose kids to the actual programming languages and professional tools.

The gamified approach will be suitable for creating interest in kids for learning programming. When children indulge themselves in fun projects like creating a website, games & applications, they will be motivated to learn how to create these by themselves. Nowadays, most online coding platforms like Cyber Square are embracing this approach. 


  • Improves creativity

Coding is a creative activity in which every child can engage. Coding is considered one of the most important skills of the 21st century. It will help them to become accustomed to the emerging technology. These creative skills will help the children to create a stable ground to find better career opportunities in the future. Coding is this century’s language of creativity, and our children deserve a chance to become makers, rather than takers.


  • Improves problem-solving skills

When kids learn to code, they develop cognitive skills and problem-solving skills that can greatly benefit them in the future. Children can grasp the basic levels of problem-solving skills needed for programming from a very young age.

By learning coding kids might be knowing how to break down complex concepts into simple forms. Kids can make use of this problem-solving technique that developed to approach the problems in real life in a systematic way. While coding, kids have to be involved in solving errors in their code until it is finished. So that coding is like a puzzle, and such activities can positively influence your kid’s thought process. This is one of the essential reasons to teach kids coding. 


  • Improves collaboration

Anyone can learn coding irrespective of gender, race, and background. By learning coding kids will get an opportunity to meet and learn how to collaborate with other kids who are joined by a common interest in technology. Which will be helpful for them in their studies too.

Cyber Square’s coding courses will bring a chance for kids together for face-to-face collaboration. Kids who choose e-learning can also learn well by asking each other questions, and working to solve problems and create things together.

Cyber Square’s Gamified learning method offers kids benefits to involve coding, collaboration, and participation with companions all over the world.


  • Improves persistence

Learning to code is a best practice for discipline as well as a challenge. Thus, tackling complex problems and experiencing mistakes will enable kids to learn a more valuable skill, persistence. Learning to solve problems, researching the solution and building collaboration will help kids to build the most desirable skill, persistence in them.


  • Stand out from the crowd

Coding is an essential skill in the 21st century because coders are in high demand. By learning coding kids will get a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships, and jobs.

If Kids can learn to possess a hot skill that many of their companions lack. The ability to code is likely to be a more desirable skill in the eyes of employers. This skill will help kids to stand out from the crowd. 


  • Improves communication skill

Better communication is an essential skill throughout our life. It’s evident that people who can communicate complex ideas in simple terms tend to be successful in every industry and life also. When kids learn to code, they can improve their communication skills too. Because coding teaches kids how to break down complex ideas and arrange them in a way that computers can understand.

 If a kid is having an interest in coding, help them to learn to code. If they are showing interest visibly and never coded before, we can give them a chance to experience coding. If they like it they can continue learning more about it. We can help kids to explore the game development possibilities or 3D printing. Give them a chance to move on with their favorite area. Let them select what better suits them. Immerse in coding if that's truly what they want to do as a hobby or even a future career.

There is a list of learning opportunities. While learning any skill, teach them the most important skill that how to become a leader.


Things kids should aware of while step into coding

Learning a new skill is an extremely challenging thing, it might not be the easiest thing. So, let kids dive into a pool of knowledge to encounter as they first embark upon their coding journey. 


What is coding?


By acquiring knowledge in coding kids are learning to write programs for communicating a set of commands to a computer, the expected result is the response of the computer accordingly. Kids will be trained to write instructions in a programming language (computer language with certain parameters and rules). If kids can find success in giving programming commands correctly, we can see how things are working out well.

Coding is the foundation of apps, robotics, computer graphics, video games, and more. Programs are a set of instructions (a sequence of short commands). We can use programming as a tool to write and execute those instructions.


What is Scratch programming?


Scratch programming is a graphical programming language. Scratch is based on drag-and-drop programming basics. So by learning scratch programming kids can easily create interactive stories, comics, and more.

Scratch programming will be a perfect introduction for kids to programming. In scratch programming instead of using lines of code, kids learn through colorful command coding blocks and cartoon sprites. Kids are getting familiar with coding statements and computational ideas without typing a single line of code. So that they can improve their critical thinking and problem-solving ability.


What are visual programming languages?


Visual programming is a great way for kids who are wishing to get into coding without prior experience. Through Visual programming languages, kids can learn coding in a simple way not necessary to learn syntax, kids can measure their progress, they can move forward and win. At the very early stage, this will be good.

The immediate fulfillment of dragging and dropping commands, then seeing games, interactive stories, and animations unfold is insanely powerful.

At what age kids can learn coding skills?

Let kids equipped with coding skills perform in a remunerative career. Cyber Square is providing a long-term skill development system that advances their love and mastery in technology over time. By learning a new skill you’re going to have to dedicate more than one hour of practice. Instead, to achieve “master” status, it’s best to start young and continue to build passions and skills little by little.

Kids can start their coding journey at 7 or 10-years-old with cyber square. By the end of the course, they are in a perfect position to continue their pathway into best coder and then eventually onward to an exciting career.

Here we can see kids are accomplishing some incredible things. To help us visualize what jumping into coding can do for them, here are a few of our favorite kid coder success stories.

  • Young game developer, Hamdan Zaaki from UAE, who is just 10 years old (5th-grade student). loves to learn to code and thus joined Cyber Square. He completed the Advanced Javascript Game Development course from Cyber Square. Now he can develop a web game with JavaScript and Phaser. Like Hamdan, many children have benefited from Cyber Square coding classes and developed their first game. 
  • Adarsh Krishna, a 7th-grade student from Abu Dhabi, loves to learn computer programming and thus joined Cyber Square. Cyber Square coding classes help him to develop his applications. From Cyber Square Design your Website course, he learned and created an application for the student's registration form and developed a website using google sites.
  • Cyber Square coder, Kishore raj completed the Advanced Artificial Intelligence Course from Cyber Square. He loves coding and developed an Artificial Intelligence project by himself. Since the kids of today will need to work in a future where AI is the reality, it's so necessary that we need to equip them with trending technologies. When kids are allowed to learn something new, their critical thinking, innovation, creativity, and communication skills will be increased.
  • Nihal S J, a 7th-grade student, Kannur joined Cyber Square to learn JavaScript and Python. As a result of his commitment and dedication to learning technology, he is now able to build his own apps, websites, etc. He has developed a calculator using JavaScript and a website for his school through our online coding courses.   
  • Cyber Square provides a great opportunity for your kids to learn coding in the most fun and engaging ways. Azman Methelayil, from Qatar, has developed a Javascript program for Driving Licence Applications at the young age of 11 through our coding courses.

Through Cyber Square coding courses, kids will develop the necessary skills that are required for them to excel and succeed in the future. Now it's your child's turn. Let's join us and teach them how to make games and animations in a fun and engaging way.

Where to start?

With the above examples, success follows a clear process. Sure, some kids are naturally more gifted in certain areas than others, but all of them must start at step one. So, Cyber Square might know the answer for what is that step to teach kids coding?

There are online coding courses at Cyber Square that are specially designed for kids who are interested in learning more, who hear about the importance of coding, and want to wrap their minds with ideas for their future. First, get your kids to start learning and the basics in the form of puzzles and games to provide a great starting point. For that, find a great platform to step in. Surely it will be a turning point in their life.

Encourage them with fewer expectations. So for them, it might only be an intro game or animation with Scratch. After certain, most kids set their eyes on something bigger in learning. To make their foundation stronger, try as much as you can to connect the dots between the knowledge level in their coding. So kids can see how they can conquer the world around them through their knowledge of coding.

Learning to code is the easiest thing. Which contain a set of guidelines so seemingly simple and a great place to get started. Coding is a language of the future, and learning to code strengthens creativity, problem-solving, and a host of other skills. Learning to code isn't limited to the physical act of coding, it opens doors to a variety of related opportunities as well.

Learning to code is an important skill, and a guide helps your child take a step forward.

Most of the students join cyber square not only because of their eagerness to earn as well as their interests in technology. Because most of them still aren’t receiving enough knowledge in subjects like coding with their everyday schooling. Cyber Square is offering new skills, deeper knowledge, and the confidence to go out and do something impactful with what they’ve learned through their courses. We’ve seen this happen in many students.

Join Cyber Square. Let your kids experience the joy of learning coding in a more fun and engaging way.

Best of luck! See you online!

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