5 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Coding

Posted by Cybersquare on Jan 15, 2021 6:38:29 PM

From your smartphones to your computers, TVs, and sometimes even refrigerators, it all runs on a code written by a bunch of people somewhere in the world. Every gadget that you see around you is the brainchild of someone else’s coding. So what exactly is this “coding?”. In short, coding essentially is a method of communicating with a computer, using a language that only a computer understands; by using this specific language, we are able to create applications ranging from websites, video games, to even complex computer programs.


Most children these days tend to spend most of their free time playing video games and watching cartoons; while this behavior is to be expected from them at this age, it is also the right time to teach them the importance of being a creator. Coding is the gateway to this, and learning to code will help them to create their own video games, websites, or applications that can be instrumental in their path of becoming a maker. 


When kids learn to read and write code, they develop cognitive skills and learn a methodical, problem-solving process that can greatly benefit them in the future. Now you might be thinking, at what age can you start introducing your child to coding? Well, surprisingly pretty early. According to a study from 2013, children are able to comprehend basic levels of problem-solving needed for programming even from the elementary grade.


Nowadays there are various online coding platforms like codingforkid.com, Cyber Square, Camp K12, Whitehatjr, and so on to teach kids online coding courses. All you have to do is to choose the right one for your child. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while choosing one.


  • You should check whether they provide different varieties of online coding courses for kids
  • Check whether they have expert trainers to provide 1:1 online coding classes for kids
  • Check whether they provide a valid certification
  • Compare course fee and duration

Considering these points, you will get the best coding platform for your child. Now let’s look at a couple of reasons why a child should learn to code.


Coding Helps Kids to Be Familiar With The Latest Technology


You might notice that kids are very curious and will be interested in learning new things and ideas, they are always in search of novelty. They can grasp new concepts very quickly. As technology is developing day by day, it is important that we expose our children to the same, so that they will be well-equipped for it in the future. Coding empowers children to not simply consume digital media and technology, but to create something useful out of it.


Improve Problem-Solving Skills


Coding teaches kids to break down complex problems into simple components. This problem-solving technique can help them to develop an empirical approach that can further be used in their personal lives to tackle the problems that they will face in a systematic way. It can help them to develop problem-solving skills later in life because coding essentially is overcoming the errors in your code till your program is completed. In essence, coding is like a puzzle, and such activities can positively reinforce your child’s thought process. This is one of the main reasons why you should teach kids coding. 


Promote Logical Thinking


Pretty much all of the logical thinking is breaking down all your thoughts into small parts and joining them again to form a solution. This is exactly what you do in programming as well. But instead of thoughts, it's just code! When a child is taught how to program, they will acquire the ability to solve problems by applying logical thinking and in the process develop the capacity to think logically. Coding can help to develop systemic thinking in the mind of a child. Systems thinking is essentially understanding how different parts of a system can help each other to function as a whole. Systemic thinking, unlike analytical thinking, requires multiple skill sets to establish a holistic view of a system and explain its behavior.


Better Career Opportunities

Coding is considered as one of the most required lifeskills in the 21st century. So teaching kids coding will be helpful for them to get better career opportunities in the future. As technology is developing day by day, there will be a lot of job opportunities presented for the same. Many of the famous programmers like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg started to learn coding at the ages of 13 and 8 respectively. 

In the age of rapidly escalating technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data, and robotics, there are plenty of jobs that will surely require technical knowledge and more importantly, creative skill and a human touch. The opportunities are endless and these jobs will not be replaced by technology any time soon. 


Improve Mathematical Skills

Coding will help kids to improve their mathematical skills. They will be able to visualize various concepts and apply them to real-life situations. This will improve their creative skills as well. Coding can allow math to give form to abstract concepts that they study in their academic classes. It can also enable kids to improve their results in their academic math classes; by understanding it now as something that will help them to create..


These are only a few of the reasons why kids should learn coding. Now, what are you waiting for? Teach your kids coding and let them be the creators of technology. Get the best coding courses for kids from coding platforms like codingforkid.com and help them to step forward towards a bright future.

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