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Posted by Cybersquare on Aug 27, 2020 8:44:38 PM

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From what started as a method for sharing information between scientists in universities. The worldwide web paved the way for a modern renaissance from its inception in 1989. Now with over 1.7 billion websites, the internet is home to almost anything you can imagine. Even still you can notice that each website that you visit is unique in its making and flaunts a character of its own, this is why web designing is important.


In the modern day, having a striking website is essential for anyone who hopes to build a proper career. In the modern world, if businesses need to stay relevant and have an edge over their competitors, they must have an immense online presence to build their brand and make a name for themselves. The web designer’s job is to create a website that can make an impression on the audience so that they stick around for more. This is why the market for web designers is skyrocketing!


So, What Exactly Is Web Designing?


Simply put, web designing is the process of creating websites. The designing of a website is a synthesis of graphic designing, page layout, and content production. Websites are created using a computer language called HTML, web designers create websites using this specific language. While websites are created using HTML, when it comes to the page layout and the design, it is done using cascading style sheets or CSS in short. CSS acts as a tool for designing the layout after you’re written the code using HTML, to make it look neat and tidy. Therefore, most websites are made with a combination of HTML and CSS to define how each page should appear in a browser.


 Why Kids Should Learn Web Designing?


Web designing nurtures your child’s creativity, think of it like this; an empty website is just like an empty canvas for painting. It is in the hands of the web designer, how and what the website should portray; using the right sketch and code, a child can contrive their imagination onto the canvas.


You might still be having second thoughts on the idea of teaching children, a complex activity like web designing at such a young age. It is quite natural to think so, but the truth is that, just like the rest of their academic subjects, if taught properly, even primary grade children can learn and find an interest in web designing. The internet has become an integral part of everyone’s lives and it is very likely to stay the same for years to come, hence it is never too early to start learning to be a web developer.


A working paper in the Journal of Educational Psychology conducted to find the effects of computer programming on young children's cognition, showed that children who did computer programming scored significantly higher rates on reflectivity and divergent thinking when compared to their counterparts. This group also outperformed the others in cognitive ability and ability to describe directions.


 What Is The Best Platform For Kids To Learn Programming From?


 Web Design Courses will teach kids the foundation of web design and layout. There are several websites offering courses for web development and design, but if you’re looking for a website that offers high-quality web designing courses that can be learned easily by your children. Then Cyber Square would be the best choice for you. Cyber Square is an online coding platform for kids that offers various online coding classes for children, including web development courses, Little Coder, Game development, artificial intelligence courses, and so on.


Cyber Square Design Your website Beginner course is suitable for kids from age of seven and above. The course will help them to understand the functioning of the web and guide them in designing a website by themselves. Why Cyber Square excels in teaching children is because it follows a curriculum of gamified learning for coding. Gamified approach to coding essentially means creating mini-games, such as block puzzles and problem-solving tasks that act as a simulator for children to learn code. Cyber Square Web Development Course For Kids can be accessed from anywhere at any time if they have internet and a PC or tablet. There will be three levels for Design Your Website course - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. 


How Cyber Square Design Your Website - Beginner Course Helps Kids?


Cyber Square Design Your Website Beginner Course helps kids to learn the working of the web, how to use HTML to structure a web page, how to implement CSS, and web hosting google sites. HTML is considered the backbone to build the structure of a website. Through this course, kids will be capable of creating a basic website and publishing it on the web. By the end of the course, they will host a website.


Apart from this, kids can improve their creativity, confidence while discerning their own website, logical thinking, and mathematical skills. Learning web design courses will be helpful for kids to get a bright future. Kids who know web designing will get better opportunities. ‘Cyber Square Design Your Website Beginner’ certificate will be provided for kids after the course completion and the duration of this course will be one month with 8 sessions, 2 sessions/week, and 1 hour/session. Refer to their website to know more course details.

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