The Future of Schools

Posted by Cybersquare on Jun 12, 2021 7:22:15 AM

Education at the moment

All parents want their children to prepare for the future. If we compare the past few years, the education method has changed drastically. Schools have adopted innovative ways of learning in their curriculum. Today so many schools are considering technology as the key component that we can’t negotiate. We can see these changes as the traditional blackboards are replaced with interactive whiteboards and the ordinary classrooms are turned out to be virtual classrooms. But most of the schools today look like they used to follow 10 years ago. Education is not only for getting better job opportunities in the future, it's about the overall development of a person and for a better society. Learning will continue to evolve to meet the needs of careers and developing technology. Schools must be aware of this and try to include the evolving technology in their syllabus. Due to this pandemic situation, we can see a major change in the education system. Most of the schools are turned into virtual classrooms. Artificial intelligence( AI) is a hot cake now. We can expect so many miracles through machine learning. Robotics will rule the world by taking over the majority of the jobs. Big changes are expected to happen in technology due to the sudden drastic evolutions. So what can we expect in the future?


The future classes with technology


Most of the schools aim to work towards bringing students to the center of learning. So schools are seeking help from technology to implement that. Active inquiry, collaboration, and communication with each other are necessary for a kid's development. Kids should learn how to express and implement their ideas, take challenges, and learn from their mistakes. Teachers should introduce new ways to teach them how to learn from their mistakes. Hence kids are most capable of learning and gaining experience from their own life.

We can expect in the future students can select the areas of studies according to their interests and a new way of learning through activities in a more engaging manner. Test score doesn’t define student capabilities, each student has different capabilities in different fields. Teachers just need to find the real passion of each student and give encouragement to be a superhero in their own stories. So let their performance in their favorite field define the marks.

Teachers can give opportunities for students to express their ideas and creativity to explain each topic. They can display their creations(drawing/ writing/inventions) as an assessment. Let them explore and learn in their way and teach everyone what they learned, teaching others by expressing their ideas will lead them to boost their self-confidence. They must be capable of doing their stuff without any fear. So that they can escape from the traditional model of schooling systems, which no longer allow students to implement their skill sets in their studies.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s hope they must have an essential role in shaping the world. If students get the liberty to explore and learn through their experiences and according to their interests, which will make them more responsible citizens. We should allow collaborating children from multicultural and multilingual backgrounds and encourage students to interact, discuss, and debate on various topics. Learning through experiences will help students get the first-hand experience on what they learned.

Technology is also an integral part of our school, which is a tool for learning, communicating, and participating in the changes around us. We can expect 1:1 iPad-centric teaching and learning and a student-centric method of teaching in an atmosphere that is conducive to active learning. Develop student's adaptability to address global trends. Schools of tomorrow as the schools today. Communication, creativity, research, understanding concepts, collaboration, might be the key components included in future learning skills.

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How are the schools of the future shaping up to be?


Virtual Classrooms

This pandemic situation has an effect on every industry including the education system. Our traditional classrooms are turned into virtual classrooms. A virtual classroom is an online system that allows students and teachers to communicate and collaborate. Through Virtual Classrooms, kids can replicate the experience of physical classrooms. Flexible schedules, less expense, file sharing, and instant feedback and interaction along with education are the added advantages of virtual learning. In virtual classrooms, we don't need to worry about illness, bad weather, physical location, and travel expenses. 

Part-Time schools

Now we can see that most white-collar jobs are following a remote working style due to this pandemic situation. Technology has made remote working that simple. Flexible working style is the main advantage of remote work. This trend is now reflecting in the world of education too. What we are seeing today is just a reflection of tomorrow’s education style. The future model of education is expected to be virtual. Kids can also attend classes according to their flexible time. It will be a great relief from the irritating long hours of class timings. The invention of cloud computing is a great solution for students. They don’t need to carry heavy books, they can store all their learning materials and use them from anywhere. Hopefully, Social interactions, classroom discussions and study materials, etc will be shared virtually in the future. So in the future along with their activities, everyone can attend their classes virtually as a part-time routine.

AI teachers

Artificial Intelligence has taken over almost every field now. So we can guess that in the future even teachers will also be replaced by intelligent machines. We can expect a more personalized and accurate experience for students from them. If we are ready to give a warm welcome to the newest technology to our education system we can witness many upgrades. It will change the complete education system and will develop students who are capable of everything in near future.


Augmented reality

Through VR and AR technology during classes students can concentrate more on literally what is in front of their eye. So they can forcefully focus on studies unconsciously. VR and AR technology are making lectures, books, and exercises more interactive and engaging. We can make sure our kids focus and attention through augmented reality.

3D printing technology

Nowadays we are familiar with 3D printing technology. 3D printers should be a must-have thing in classrooms in the future. We can print out 3D models for various purposes. We can convey each concept to kids easily by showing and telling what it is and kids won't forget what they learn by seeing. Teachers will be able to reconstruct complex or hard-to-grasp concept models to teach kids more effectively and efficiently. The ability to learn through trial and error is the main reason for making 3D printing technology the most welcoming thing.

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