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Posted by Cybersquare on Oct 21, 2021 3:33:30 PM

Every kid should learn to code if we want to prepare them for academic achievement. Coding for kids improves kid’s math and writing skills, as well as teaches them vital life skills that will aid them later in life and in their careers. There are various reasons why coding is vital to learn and why it should commence in schools at a young age. The earlier children learn to code, the better their chances of success.

What is coding

Coding is the process of using a programming language to make a computer perform what you want to do. Each line of code in Python directs the computer to do something, and a document full of lines of code is considered as a script. Each script is designed to perform a specific task.

What are the benefits of teaching coding for students?

When it comes to efficiently program a computer, knowing how to code has various advantages. Software developers can build an application or program to help us solve a common issue or learn new things. However, when we look outside the computer, there are additional benefits to learning to code.


We live in a world where kids under the age of 5 are technologically aware as a result of their early exposure to technology. While there is no certain age at which children should begin learning to code, they can begin as early as the age of 7. That is when students begin first grade.


Kids as young as 7 years old are capable of learning basic programming concepts. They begin learning how to code through various games and enjoyable activities. With each school year that goes, kids learn more and grow more capable at coding.

What are the skills that kids should acquire through coding?

  • Creativity can be increased by coding.

Coding is an art form in and of itself. There are several paths that one might take to discover a solution to coding challenges. The more freedom you have to experiment, the more confident you will be in your solutions, raising your creativity levels.

When learning to code, you must become acquainted with a specific programming language. You get to express yourself in that language, just like you would in any other language you learn. You'll never again look at a website the same way. Most importantly, you will no longer be a mere consumer of media, but rather one of those who create and personalize it.


  • Kids will be able to grasp math's more easily.

Children who learn to code at an early age will not struggle as much as other children to master mathematical concepts. On the contrary, they can improve their math abilities. Many mathematics abstract concepts come to life thanks to coding, making it easier for students to comprehend them.


  • Their participation is encouraged.

Collaboration is one of the skills that practically all companies look for. As a result, this quality should be taught in children from an early age. When it comes to coding, the ability to work in a team begins to develop the moment one commits to it.

Programming projects that necessitate the collaboration of numerous people make programming a group effort. Each group member concentrates on a different part of the project. One of them is the head coder, one is in charge of the visuals, and one is working on something else, and as a result, the project is completed on schedule and with no one left behind.


  • They develop as problem solvers.

People tend to give up when they encounter an obstacle. That, however, does not apply to coders. They will perceive those circumstances as opportunities. With this mindset, they will not be afraid of failure and will instead seek out quick fixes.

While many of us need time to develop this mindset, new developers will not. They'll work on it while learning to code.


  • They prepare for the future.

The language of the modern world is code. All of the devices we use on a daily basis require instructions in code to function properly.


In some ways, grasping how programming works puts you one step ahead of the competition. Coding will not only prepare your kids for the future in the programming sector but will also provide you with skills (such as critical thinking and problem-solving abilities) that will lead to a number of career paths.


Coding is a skill that is desperately needed in today's environment. While it is possible to study it at any age, it is suggested that it is preferable to begin at a young age because it has various benefits. Students will benefit significantly from learning these skills at a young age.

Online coding courses at Cyber Square

Cyber Square is a cutting-edge educational platform that teaches Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to students, reinforced by CBSE Schools Computer Text Book and implemented as part of the Computer Subject syllabus.

The Cyber Square is a revolutionary endeavor among UAE schools in that it reinvents e-learning, with an emphasis on coding from the very beginning. It is an innovative way to improve student's learning in core areas and provide students with 21st century skills. The Cyber Square coding curriculum for schools aims to shape our students into creators and innovators rather than simply end-users. Cyber square coding courses have produced excellent outcomes in just a few years of usage.

The Cyber Square Little Coder course is ideal for children aged 5 to 9 who want to learn the fundamentals of coding. This is an excellent introduction to coding for children, as it teaches coding by letting them create simple games and animations in a fun and engaging manner.

Web Design Courses for Children are an excellent opportunity for them to learn about coding while also expressing their creativity. Cyber Square Web Design for Kids is an online course that will help them improve their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. At the end of the course, beginners who have completed the course will be able to establish their own website.

Cyber Square Game Development course provides a gentle and enjoyable entry to the world of game development, introducing fundamental coding and game design concepts. The course's purpose is to get kids familiar with and enthusiastic about coding and game development. It is also an excellent method for creative children to express themselves by bringing their own game concepts to life. Kids are having too much fun to know they are learning some of the most important skills for their future careers. Coding allows kids who enjoy playing video games to create their own. The journey will prepare them for professions in industries such as programming, game design, digital art, interactive media, and many others.

Python is a strong yet user-friendly programming language for children to learn. Join our online python courses for kids and start making games, apps, and websites right now. Our structured curriculum and game-based learning strategy aid in the achievement of each learner. Python classes for kids teach essential programming principles while also laying the groundwork for more complex topics such as algorithms, data structures, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly expanding field. The Artificial Intelligence course at cyber square will teach you the fundamentals of modern-day AI as well as examples of its applications. Discover the various ways to deploy AI and future advances. By enrolling in the Cyber Square Artificial Intelligence course, children will be able to understand the fundamentals and foundations of machine learning, as well as incorporate the tools needed to develop Machine Learning models, understand the differences between Machine Learning and conventional Artificial Intelligence, improve their abstract, logical, and creative thinking, create their own AI-powered game, and develop conceptual and computational skills.

Coding at a young age provides children with a wide range of abilities. It raises their aptitude, increases their reasoning, and boosts their computational thinking abilities. Coding teaches children to think like computers and allows them to solve problems more easily.


Coding is more than just a talent for children. It alters their thinking. It also has the potential to greatly improve a child's academic performance. Children who code think critically, which makes it easier for them to solve problems logically. Coding broadens children's minds. Learning a Programming Language also influences how a child thinks and acts in the actual world. In either case, it significantly improves a child's brain health.


Since we've already entered the digital age, our children will have a lot to look forward to in the future. Knowing a digital talent will put them ahead of the competition. Teaching children to code is not a possibility to prepare them for the future.

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