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Get ready for an amazing summer packed with excitement, fun, discovery, and adventure. At Cyber Square’s Coding & Artificial Intelligence Summer Camp, students will explore coding through hands-on projects and daily activities with curiosity. Summer camp includes our tending courses at attractive discount prices. Through summer camps we’re helping children to retain those skills. The activities included in our summer camp align with fun, customized hands-on projects based on their age groups. Learn how cyber square helps your child during the school year.

This 12-day summer experience offers a variety of games, activities, projects, and more. Let them discover new things daily with our interesting, and exciting camp experience. By joining our summer camp your kids can,

  • Build playable games through the Game development course
  • Learn today’s hottest language through Python Courses for kids
  • Create their own website through the Web development course
  • Learn the Rise of machines through AI for beginner’s course
  • Develop their own mobile apps 
  • Program their own bot


Importance of coding camp

Coding and Artificial Intelligence summer camps are a 12-days long coding journey that contains a variety of topics, from robotics to AI to video game development. The Summer coding camps at the cyber square are unique because they are taught in small groups and very hands-on. This summer coding camp helps kids to learn collaboratively. They are developing teamwork skills, as well as technical skills to do various projects that require coding skills on their own in a fun and engaging way. We know kids are different from one another, and our camps help reflect that diversity. We’ve chosen camps to satisfy the interests of all types of kids, So it’s worth joining at Cyber Square Summer coding camp.

Attend our online summer camp from anywhere at your feasible time. Develop master skills in coding and be a chosen one.


Courses Offered by Cyber Square


  • Little coder course

Cyber Square Little Coder course is an introductory course for kids which helps them to learn the basics of coding using games and visual blocks. Through this course, kids will learn the basics of programming, sequencing, loops, conditionals, painting, photo editing, toy design & tessellation using a VPL. By attending this course, kids will get a chance to develop an interest in learning coding at an early age. This course will be an exemplary introduction to coding for kids from age 5 to 9 who want to learn to program and build simple games and animations in a fun and interactive way. By attending this course, kids will get a chance to enhance their logical skills and creativity, and presentation skills at an early age.


  • Design your website course

Cyber Square is an ideal platform for kids to learn how to make a charming website on their own. Design your website course for kids will help them to learn the working of the web, how to use HTML to structure web pages, how to implement CSS, web hosting, visual coding, photo editing with Pixlr, and JavaScript. By the end of this course, kids can create attractive websites, improve creativity, and they must have knowledge on how to host a web. 

Cyber Square Design Your Website course is one of the best options for kids who want to become web developers at an early age. 


  • Junior Python Developer Course

Python is a beginner-friendly and widely used language. Jr. Python Developer Course at Cyber Square helps kids to have a strong foundation in Python programming concepts and visual coding. Jr. Python Developer Course enables kids to stand out from the crowd. In addition to the basics of python programming, they can learn photo editing and music creation. By the end of this course, kids have hands-on experience in object-oriented programming, front and back end development, artificial intelligence, and will be able to create games using pygame(by using self-made images and music)


  • Junior Artificial Intelligence course

Cyber Square’s Artificial Intelligence Course For Kids inviting smart kids to the eventful journey to the world of artificial intelligence through project-based learning. This course is designed for kids who want to become AI developers and makes them capable of building entertaining games, intelligence machines, and other innovations using Python AI libraries. Cyber Square is launching a better platform for kids to discover what the future is reserving for them. This course is designed for kids aged 9 and above. The AI beginner course covers the basics of Python programming, Computer Vision, Speech Signal Processing, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning. The AI Advanced course will examine educational, behavioral, and practical aspects of AI, Robotics, and Coding, and how children interact with them. By the end of this course, the kids must be capable enough to build chatbot applications as well as AI-based projects and applications using different libraries available in python. Kids can experience live online coding classes and hands-on experience in technology. Learn Artificial Intelligence Online to get a perfect opening door for kids into the world of Artificial Intelligence.


  • Junior JavaScript development course

The Live Online Coding course for kids provided by Cyber Square is so helpful for them to understand the basic coding concepts and to make their creations come true by connecting them with each other. Cyber Square JavaScript Game Development course for kids will help them to learn the fundamentals of game design, including an understanding of the game world, storytelling, gameplay, user experience, game technology, and basic programming for kids. Instead of playing games, they could make their own games and animated stories. This will in turn help them to boost up their creative mind. Cyber Square JavaScript game development course will lead them to create games and learn the basics of programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, Visual coding, DOM manipulation using JavaScript, JavaScript calculator, JavaScript animations, and Phaser game development. Kids who don’t have prior experience can also join this course. 


How Cyber Square Teach at summer camps


coding & AI summer camp for kids


Kids do love to play video games. Thus most parents are worried about the screen time they are spending in front of the television, computers, and other devices. In a way, gaming contributes to the kid’s mental development. Instead of restricting, we can find the best way to make use of their screen time productively by strategizing their screen time to game development. Gaming is a quick and easy way to teach programming languages to kids. Whether it’s game development or learning how to make a robot walk, coding takes interesting as well as tangible skills such as problem-solving and logical thinking.

In Cyber Square Summer coding camps students are getting individual attention and they may get experienced instead of wasting time. They will get to know how can they make use of their quality time by learning new things. Coding & AI summer camp has customized options that provide recommendations based on age and skill level. We are considering the child's experience before suggesting the courses.

Cyber Square Summer camps are great for learning new skills in a condensed period of time. In these 12 days camp, parents are getting the full freedom to choose their flexible timing. Along with the learning, kids can take plenty of breaks, and even do some cool offline coding exercises. Students get to present their creations at the end of the course, to show off their hard work from the course. By completing this course kids can come out with confidence and new skills, whether it’s gaining new coding tricks or discovering what makes a robot come to life. Knowledge in coding enables kids to dream of a better future. We are introducing the best way of learning through gamification that encourages kids to learn more. The courses provided by Cyber Square will help to engage students to learn, have fun, and develop skills in coding. Cyber Square aims to transform the kids into creators of technology. Cyber Square nourishes young aspiring minds to get a clear vision of their ideas. They guide them in analyzing and building their vision and ideas into reality. Cyber Square is trying to help children learn to code in a fun way.

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