Introduction to Coding For Kids

Posted by Cybersquare on Aug 27, 2020 8:43:22 PM

 Initially, the concept of teaching a complex skill such as programming to a child, might seem like a herculean task. Well, if we were to go with the traditional approach, then yes, it would be quite hard. But in this developing world, the pedagogy of programming has already become modernized. With the introduction of platforms like Scratch, even children from the ages of five can now do programming effortlessly. The strong point of coding is that it offers almost the same functions that any other programming language does, without intimidating the user with a steep learning curve that other mainstream programming platforms demand. What makes scratch perfect for kids is that all they really have to do is drag and drop blocks that have codes written in them in the order the child desires. The order that the child drops the blocks off will be the order in which the code will be executed.


Sounds interesting? Let’s start from the basics!


What is coding really?


Coding is a process that is done to command a computer on how to perform a particular task. It involves writing programs using different programming languages. By understanding this language, we will be able to create computer software, video games, websites, applications, and much more!


What is the benefit of teaching my child programming?


These days programming has become a basic skill in modern business, so naturally, the need for coding has rightly increased. Learning to code is a practical and greatly rewarding skill for kids. Teaching kids coding  in their early childhood will be helpful for them to grasp concepts quickly and thoroughly. It can help them to develop problem-solving skills later in life because programming essentially is finding alternative routes in fixing the errors in your code till your program is completed. In essence, coding is like a puzzle, and such activities can positively reinforce your child’s cognition.


What will be the right age to learn to code?


What would be the right age to learn to code? Are you wondering how kids at the age of 5 learn to code? Since coding can be gamified, even children from a very young age can find an interest in learning to code. Coding can help to develop systemic thinking in the mind of a child. Systemic thinking is the process of breaking down each component in a system and understanding how each part interacts with the other to function in a union.


This in turn can ready the children for academic disciplines such as STEM in the future and even help them in making effective day-to-day decision making. Coding can further be helpful for kids to improve their much-needed soft skills like communication, reasoning ability, confidence, creativity, to even hard skills like mathematical and arithmetic skills. All you need to do is choose the best online coding platform for kids that offers online coding courses.


What do you learn in a coding course?


Well, a coding course would typically involve various programming languages and how to use them to create computer software. Children learn how a computer functions and the process that it undergoes to create a product. The learning process of children will vary from how a typical adult would learn to program. Children at this level will be introduced to a gamified approach to learning programming. A gamified approach means creating mini-games, such as block puzzles and other tasks that function as a simulation to teach children to code. When you learn a language, you use it to express your ideas. The principle is the same with programming. Computer coding empowers kids to not only consume digital media and technology but to create it.


Which is the best platform to learn to code?


Cyber Square is one of the best online coding platforms for kids. Cyber Square offers various online coding courses for kids from ages 5 to 17. This platform teaches coding for kids in the most engaging way. Cyber Square Little Coder Course will be a perfect start to understanding coding concepts for kids from a very young age. This course will create an interest among the kids to learn by doing some fun activities and they will be guided on how to create animations of their own. There will be three levels for this course - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Cyber Square courses aim to make the kids the creators of technology.


How Cyber Square Little Coder - Beginner Course Helps Kids?


Cyber Square Little Coder Beginner is an introductory course for kids from ages 5 to 7. This course helps kids to learn the basics of coding using games and visual blocks. Little Coder beginner course helps kids to learn the basics of programming, sequencing, loops, conditionals, and also painting. Through this course, kids will improve their logical thinking, presentation skills, critical thinking, and also will be helpful to generate an interest to learn coding in detail. Coding helps them to express themselves creatively. By the end of this course, kids will be capable of creating an animation video by using visual coding. A Certificate will be awarded to those who complete the course. The duration of the course will be one month and there will be eight sessions, two sessions per week consisting of an hour each.


Apart from this course, we are also providing other online coding courses for kids such as a game development course, web designing course, jr. python developer course, artificial intelligence course for kids, course to improve entrepreneurship skills, and so on. So interested parents can check the website to get course information.

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