Everything a Beginner Needs to Know About Python

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The ability to code is an essential thing in our current world. Coding is a useful skill to have in any career. Choosing the right language is so important. Choose a language based on our goals and interests is necessary. Python is a widely used,  easy to learn language, especially for kids.

Python is unique as compared to other dozens of programming languages. Python is widely accepted due to its simplicity. It's very easy to understand. Anyone who has no previous coding experience can learn python easily. Even kids are gaining knowledge in python nowadays.


What a beginner Must know about Python


Python is a beginner-friendly backend programming language. Python is a high-level language so you don’t need to think about memory management and it’s approachable too. Python has a welcoming, well-maintained, well-documented, and established community. Python can be used for tasks like Web development, Scripting, Web scraping, Data analysis, and Automation. Python doesn’t require you to state the type of value a function returns when you define the function or the type of a variable before you create it. Python is used with frameworks like Django, Flask, and Jupyter. Python is free. So individuals and small or big organizations can leverage the free available resources to build applications. Python code can run on any platform whether it is Linux, Mac, or Windows. Python is an all-rounder programming language. So you can professionally build web apps, perform data analysis and machine learning, automate things, do web scraping and also build games and powerful visualizations.


Why Python is the best option for beginners


    • Python syntax is very similar to English. So which helps to understand the concept quickly.
    • Programmers who are experts in Python, surely you will get the highest paid job, So if you are a person who wants to get settled in your life with a well-paying job just move forward with python.
    • Jupyter notebooks are more popular among scientists and machine learning students. They allow you to share runnable snippets of code along with explanations of what the code is doing.
    • Python is similar in many ways to Ruby. But very less wordy than other programming languages.
    • In Python, while calling a variable or function a particular name, it doesn’t require to define a type and doesn’t require to state the type of value a function returns when you define the function or the type of a variable before you create it.
  • Python is so readable so developers always tend to want to write code in Python.
  • The websites which use python are google, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Youtube, Dropbox, Spotify, Netflix, and Quora
  • Python requires less coding compared to other languages. It also has awesome standard library support.

Why python is the best programming language compared to other languages


  • Easy to Learn and Use

Python language is easy to use and one of the most accessible programming languages available. It has simplified syntax. Python codes can be written easily and fastly executed. 

  • Hundreds of Python Libraries and Frameworks

Python has excellent libraries. Which you can use to select and save your time and effort on the initial cycle of development. There are a lot of cloud media services that offer cross-platform support through 

  •  Versatility, Efficiency, Reliability, and Speed

Python is efficient and much faster than other languages. Python can be used in any kind of environment. So Python won’t face any kind of performance loss issue.


  • Big data, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing

Python language is the second most popular used tool after R language for data science and analytics. Most of the research and development takes place in the python language.


  • First-choice Language

Python is in high demand in the job market. Many programmers and data science students are using python language for their development projects. Learning python is one of the important things in data science certification courses.

  • The Flexibility of Python Language


The python language gives the developer the chance to try something new. Python experts can try to make something different than before.  There won’t be a restriction for developers from developing any sort of application in Python. 

Advantages of Python


  • Python has extensive libraries. code of regular expressions, threading, databases, CGI, unit-testing, web browsers, documentation-generation, email, image manipulation, and more are included in it. So we don’t need to write complete code manually.
  • Python can be extended to other languages. You can use some languages like c/c++  to write some of your code.
  • Python is embeddable, so you can put your Python code in your source code of a different language, like C++. This enables us to add scripting capabilities to our code in other languages.
  • Python is so simple and easy to learn, understand, and code.

  • Python is readable because it is not such a verbose language.

  • Python supports both the procedural as well as object-oriented programming paradigms.
  • Python is a Free and Open-Source language. You can freely download its source code, make changes to it, and even distribute it. Python downloads with an extensive collection of libraries.

  • Python is a Portable language. Python is Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA), which means you need to code only once, and you can run it anywhere.

  • Python is an interpreted language. Debugging is easier in Python than in compiled languages.

Disadvantages of python

  • Python is slower than other programming languages. Python code is executed line by line. So it often results in slow execution.
  • Python is Weak in Mobile Computing and Browsers. Python isn’t that secure, so it is very rarely ever used to implement smartphone-based applications. 
  • Python is dynamically typed. So it can raise run-time errors.
  • Compared to Java Database Connectivity(JDBC) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Python’s database access layers are a bit underdeveloped. So it is less often applied in huge enterprises.
  •  The syntax of Python is so simple, so the verbosity of Java code seems unnecessary.

What kind of jobs you will get by learning python?

  • Web Development


Most of the Software engineers, web developers, and front-end web developers working in python. Python is a good open door for technology jobs. Once you learn all the core concepts, eventually you can shift over to work in data science or scientific computing.

  • Data Science

If you want to learn Machine learning or Data science You must have knowledge of Python. Python has an excellent set of libraries for that work.


The Best tip to learn Anything is practice and dedication. Just like any other skill Python requires regular practice. The person who regularly uses their Python skills to build projects will retain their knowledge. Practice is a must for those who don’t are likely to forget most of what they’ve learned in a very short time. So make use of every opportunity to use Python.

Dedication is a key component for learning any skill. If we are giving a dedicated approach to python learning which not only benefits us but also builds technical skills too. So, pick your favorite learning method and start coding with interest. Start coding now.

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