Cyber Square Winter Coding Camp for Kids

Posted by Cybersquare on Nov 18, 2021 6:35:52 PM

Winter coding camp is a community where kids can have a good time while learning valuable skills. The coding camp is set up in such a way that youngsters begin to acquire a feeling of independence while participating in new activities. Winter camps are recognized for providing a safe atmosphere as well as entertaining activities for children. The activities at winter camp aid in the development of a range of social skills, such as communication and dispute resolution.

We are not exaggerating when we state that winter camps and the experiences they provide are fantastic. Each camp is distinct and includes a variety of activities aimed at helping youngsters become more self-reliant and confident.

Winter coding camps were not formerly a component of the educational system. Winter vacations included completing schoolwork and paying a visit to the grandparents' houses. Parents, on the other hand, have come to see the value of winter camp programs for children. These programs not only help youngsters improve their social skills and make new friends. They will also learn important life skills that will benefit them in their future studies.

At Cyber Square’s winter coding camp, which starts on December 12th, 2021, students will explore coding through hands-on projects and daily activities with immense curiosity. Winter camp includes our tending courses at attractive discount prices. Through winter camps, we’re helping children retain those skills. The activities included in our winter camp align with fun, customized hands-on projects based on their age groups. This opportunity can help children to understand the fundamentals of programming and how it can be used to create websites, apps or anything that they wish to create using a computer. The winter camp aims at bringing about a specific line of these skills to the children. After the ten-day winter camp, your child will be able to

  • Through the game development course, you will be able to create playable games.
  • Learn to speak today’s hottest language through Python courses for kids.
  • They can create their own website through the web development course.
  • Learn about the rise of machines through AI in a beginner’s course.
  • They develop their own mobile apps.
  • Program their own bot.

The following courses are offered for the winter camp:

Little Coder - The Cyber Square Little Coder course is an introduction course for kids that teaches them the fundamentals of coding using games and visual blocks. Children will learn the fundamentals of programming, conditionals, loops, sequencing, painting, image editing, tessellation and toy creation and  VPL in this course. By taking this course, children will have the opportunity to develop an interest in learning to code at a young age. This course will provide an excellent introduction to coding for children aged 5 to 9 who wish to learn to program and develop basic games and animations in a fun and interactive environment. By taking this course, children will be able to improve their reasoning abilities, creativity, and presentation skills from a young age.

Design Your Website - The Design Your Website for Kids course will teach children how the web works, how to use HTML to organize web pages, how to integrate CSS, web hosting, visual coding, picture editing using Pixlr, and JavaScript. By the conclusion of this course, children should be able to construct appealing websites, enhance their creativity, and understand how to host a website.

Artificial Intelligence - This course is intended for children who aspire to become AI developers and will teach them how to create amusing games, intelligent machines, and other advanced technologies using Python AI packages. Cyber Square is developing a better platform for youngsters to learn about what the future has in store for them. This training is intended for children aged 9 and above. The principles of Python programming, computer vision, voice signal processing, natural language processing, and machine learning are covered in the AI introduction course.

JavaScript Game Development - The Cyber Square JavaScript Game Development course for kids will teach students the essentials of game design, such as game world knowledge, narrative, gameplay, user experience, game technology, and basic programming for kids. Instead of playing games, students may create their own animated tales and games. This, in turn, will allow students to improve their creative thinking. The Cyber Square JavaScript game creation course will teach pupils how to design games as well as the fundamentals of programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, as well as visual coding.

Junior Python Developer - Cyber Square's Jr. Python Developer Course provides children with a solid foundation in Python programming fundamentals and visual coding. The Jr. Python Developer Course allows children to stand out in a crowd. They can study picture editing and music composition in addition to the fundamentals of Python programming. By the conclusion of this course, students will have gained hands-on experience in object-oriented coding, front-end development, artificial intelligence, and the ability to construct games using Pygame.

The course, which starts on December 12th, can be taken up by children from the age of five. There will be three classes per week, each ranging from one to three hours. The teaching mode will be online, and the timing of the classes will be flexible for the students.

Cyber Square winter coding camp is an excellent method for acquiring new skills in a short amount of time. Parents have the flexibility to pick their flexible time throughout this 10-day course. Along with studying, children may take frequent pauses and even engage in some fun offline coding tasks. Students are given the opportunity to display their inventions at the conclusion of the semester in order to demonstrate their hard work during the course. By finishing this course, children will acquire confidence and new abilities, whether it be learning new coding tactics or understanding what causes a robot to come to life. 

Coding allows children to envision a brighter future. We are offering the most effective method of learning via gamification, which motivates children to learn more. Cyber Square's classes will assist students in learning, having fun, and developing coding abilities. CyberSquare aspires to develop children into technology innovators. Cyber Square feeds young aspirant brains, allowing them to get a clear perspective on their ideas. They assist them in assessing and realizing their visions and ideas. Cyber Square is attempting to teach youngsters to code in a fun and engaging manner.

So join our winter camp without a doubt before it's too late. To register, go over to the link below.

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