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Posted by Cybersquare on Oct 30, 2021 8:46:21 PM

It's a widely mistaken belief that programming is a lone profession characterized by lone effort. This is simply not true! Programming is a team effort and a collaboration of different minds and different ideas. Coding is often done in teams at the professional level. Different people take up different roles in the development of software or websites. It is in unison with the combined effort of everyone involved that a programme is born. This is why coding clubs are important. Coding clubs offer an environment free of academic pressure where you can collaborate with others while learning from them and even teaching them what you know.


When you join forces with others who have similar interests, you'll find more creativity, motivation, and an innovative spirit. Aside from improving your coding abilities, joining a club can help you develop the "soft skills" you'll need to advance in your professional life. It's your social and communication skills, flexibility, and patience that can make the difference between landing your dream job or being passed over altogether when it comes to soft skills. Another good reason to join a coding club outside of school is that it looks impressive on your resume. Simple!


Future programmers will enhance their talents by putting them to use outside of class, much as an artist improves their work by making art or a writer improves their writing by reading and writing. Experiment with your skills and see where your ideas take you! It doesn't have to be a serious business concept, like the next big social media platform or digital currency.


It is with this in mind that Cyber Square is keen to introduce Cyber Square Coding Club Pro. Cyber Square coding clubs are formed for brilliant, gifted, and curious kids who are passionate about technology. We realize that in the digital age, students can play a variety of roles in the domain of computer sciences. Mentoring and intensive training are provided for the student based on his or her subject of interest. Cyber Square Coding Club was previously an exclusive addition to the strong artillery of programming tools that Cyber Square had already offered. The good news is that everyone is welcome to join the Cyber Square Coding Club Pro this time around, not only students from Cyber Square schools.


Why Should You Join The Cyber Square Coding Club Pro Right Now!


To be successful at coding, you need a strong support system of mentors. If you're stuck on an issue and you've spent a lot of time and effort on it, you'll run out of your skills and beheaded in the wrong direction. With a mentor at your side, your mind will be free to function more effectively. The mentors in our coding club will provide you with that advice. In this atmosphere, there are other programmers who aid the children with their projects and coding themselves. A programmer's daily routine includes obstacles, much like eating meals, and our coding club shows its appreciation for this behaviour by holding competitions online and awarding prizes to the victors.


In the Coding Club, we make sure to go over all the domains of coding, ranging from coding to being a Digital E-Safety Leader. A kid joining the club can take up one of the following numbered roles: the roles listed below.


Coder: As we know, a coder is a person who is in charge of programming software, writing and executing the proper code to make the software or website function in full swing. 


Designer: A designer is a person who does the front-end details of the program. This includes designing the artwork for a game, creating the UI for a software programme, or arranging the layout of a webpage.


Presenter: They are in charge of presenting the beginning concept of a software programme or advertising the end result of it. They are the front liners and the face of the company or program.


Entrepreneur: Teach and understand how we can create a project as a business and how to interact with business experts on the plans.


Trainer: As the name suggests, these are the ones who train the peers/lower grade students on technical topics, give them guidance when they are in trouble, and give tips to improve their quality of functioning.


Filmmaker: Filmmakers are the ones who are in charge of giving professional training for video creation. They are to commence a course on film/documentary making and conduct competitions for film/documentary/animation making.


Digital/E-Safety Leader: When it comes to meeting the organization's safety objectives, safety leaders serve as the team captains on whom others may depend. They are the ones who provide online safety campaigns and training on cyber security as well.


Having all these roles in a club means that the child will be able to understand the whole functioning of a programming universe. This can help them to understand what is possible through programming and what its limitations are in a holistic manner. As part of their coding club journey, students will have the opportunity to connect with people from all around the world. Multiple doors will open in front of them as a result of this as well!

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