Will Coding For Kids Ever Rule the World?

Posted by Cybersquare on Jul 22, 2021 7:53:06 PM




The question of whether coding for kids will ever rule the world depends on what it means to the parents of the kids. Is it truly because they think their kids need to be taught coding since they are a part of generation Z or is it considered just as another skill on the parents’ long checklist? Well, this is a question every parent reading this article must ask themselves before making a decision. In this article, we’ll try to help you answer this question better. Coding did change the world, but did it change the world for kids? Let’s de-CODE!  



There are two schools of thought regarding this discussion, one is that the children should be given the freedom to choose for themselves based on their curiosity and interest, while the others think that learning how to code is a must-have skill. 


Teaching kids how to code or even making an attempt at this is highly beneficial for a kid’s analytical development. When children are taught coding, their brain goes through a drill, thereby building analytical skills in them. At the same time,  children who have fairly good analytical skills inherently get a chance to polish them and implement them better in their lives. Fundamentally, children will learn how to analyze a piece of information they get, solve problems, and make decisions, which are great life skills to build from a very early age.


Gen Z and Coding 


Children in these times are true “Digital-ites” because their fascination with devices like smartphones and tablets are higher compared to any other generation. So, keeping them away from coding just doesn’t seem logical because technology isn’t alien to them. Knowing how to code influences the way children use gadgets from a very young age and determines how meaningful they can turn the time they spend on it. Learning how to code will help them grow together with the growth and advancement of technology. And, in later life, keeping up with the dynamic nature of being a part of a workforce or adapting to a newer technological advancement wouldn’t seem like a tiring task to them. Moreover, teaching kids coding will ensure that they are prepared for the tech-driven future simultaneously by building confidence in them from a very young age.


Also, this is the time when their creativity develops and accommodating coding in that phase helps a lot. Even the way the kids of this generation perceive everything around them is based so much on the technology they’re exposed to. Suffice to say, technological advancements shape the way they think, behave, function, communicate, and more. 


For Parents who Think Coding can be Overwhelming to their Kids


The professionally designed coding courses for kids that exist now, just like what we provide at Cyber Square are well-made to be comprehensible for all age groups.  Children can start off coding with drag-and-drop codes that are pre-made. The whole idea behind using drag-and-drop codes gives emphasis to the logic rather than the syntax, which is nothing but the grammar of the computer language. This process would never be boring to the kids since they will be building something interesting to them like a simple game. Moreover, the courses are strategically made to teach kids the basics of coding concepts so that they learn through a playful experience. As the children level up, get older, and progress in their learning journey, they will be introduced to concepts through block-based programming. 


Coding All Set to Rule the World For Kids


Coding has definitely started changing the world for a lot of kids and will rule the world in the near future.  Many realize the relevance of teaching kids how to code from a very young age and a lot of governments around the world have already included coding in their curriculum. These changes clearly mean that coding for kids is the next big thing and says a lot about the differences it has already made in people.  With all that being said, not every kid will enjoy and learn to code. But, that doesn’t actually matter since the point behind the whole training exercise isn’t just about developing coding skills, rather, it’s about training the analytical part of their brains.

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